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  • "The moment you get atleast 80 - 90% germination on your farm, that's where you start getting your yields. Compare to the previous seeds we've been using that bears only one cob, the hybrid seeds provided by Maslaha bears atleast 3-4 cobs which in essence tripples your yields. "

    Ishaku Madaki - SAMINAKA
  • "In my fourty years of farming, sincerely I have not seen this quantity of yield until Maslaha Seeds Ltd introduced the hybrid seeds to us. The germination ratio is high and we are satisfied."

    Dauda Ahmed - MAGAMI
  • " We approached Maslaha Seeds for assistance on behalf of over fifty-two farmers, after which they were registered. About two hundred and twenty hectares of land at the right time and given fertilizers alongside the hybrid seed. We are happy. "

    Dauda Ahmed - JANGEME
  • " I have been farming with Maslaha Seeds for over 15years and can really see the difference in the yields. Though lots of company have come to us in the past, non has really been faithful like Maslaha Seeds."

    Muktari Nasiru - GIWA

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